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Title Resource metering and guarantee in Service4All
OW2 project Service4All
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Keywords Service4All, resource metering, monitoring, resource guarantee,SLA

Service4All is a cloud computing project focusing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer, which aims at providing a cloud platform mainly for service-oriented software developers. As Service4All is designed to provide services for a large number of users, the resources that a user can consume are usually specified by certain form of explicit or inexplicit contracts (e.g. SLA-Service Level Agreement).  On the one hand, to understand the resource consuming details,  it is necessary to meter memory, CPU and other resource usage of each user at different granularity levels, such as in application instances, service containers, VMs and physical machines. On the other hand, the system should guarantee the resource provisioning so as to meet the user quota and avoid over-provisioning as well.  The goal of this project is to add resource metering and guarantee support to Service4All

Main Topic Contact Person Name Hailong Sun
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Other Topic Contact Person(s) Name(s) (optional) Xu Wang
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Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 5
Targeted Contestants undergrad or master/PhD

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