• Mohamed
    Mohamed, 2014/01/18 18:47

    Hi   Patricia and I  went to the Littlebourne apiary and found it most  initrsteng and made to feel  welcome  We were treated to tea & cakes. Lovely they were too.  Thank you Chris for telling us about the wood treatment. I have now got the lifetime wood  treatment from the internet.  We would like to host a meeting when we are up & running as  we both think it is a good way of getting to know other beekeepers .

  • Salvatorefr
    Salvatorefr, 2014/02/02 11:09

    Hello. I'm very keen to join up, but unfortunately I'm not arunod this Wed. Is it possible to attend the book club meet on 23 May and then to join for my first monthly meeting with you in June? Thank you so much, Gemma http://rmcshhvszsm.com [url=http://jhhissk.com]jhhissk[/url] [link=http://jbpfxkcc.com]jbpfxkcc[/link]

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