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**Guillaume Sauthier** (//Bull//):**Christophe Hamerling** (//Linagora//): Chairman of the Technology Council
* #participant( "Florent Benoit" "Bull""Peergreen" "easybeans" )
* #participant( "Denis Caromel" "INRIA""Inria" "proactive" )
* #participant( "Ed Daniel" "")
* #participant( "Pierre-Yves Gibello" "Petals Link" "petals")"Experlog" "rmijdbc")
* #participant( "Christophe Hamerling" "Petals Link""Linagora" "petals")
* #participant( "Philippe Merle" "INRIA""Inria" "fractal" )
* #participant( "Patrick Moreau" "INRIA""Inria" )
* #participant( "Stephane Ribas" "INRIA""Inria" )
* #participant( "Morgan Richomme" "Orange" "Emerginov""emerginov" )
* #participant( "Guillaume Sauthier" "Peergreen" "ow2-utils")
* #participant( "Lionel Seinturier" "INRIA""Inria" "frascati" )
== Previous ChairmensChairmen ==
* **Gael Blondelle**: ??-2010-2010
* ??**Guillaume Sauthier**: 2010-2012

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