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Content changes
* Call for OW2 TC Chair Candidates
** Hailong Vice Chair proposal discussion
* Discussion of 5 priorities and status/proposals:
** A- Infra
*** current infra status
**** Server OS upgrade status
**** Tools upgrade
**** infra documentation status
**** ow2stack upgrade / status
**** Ikoula sponsorship
*** future infra migration with Tuleap as forge / General task force : JP, MH, CT
**** Gforge migration : is linked to code base cleanup AND materials/fund resources availability
**** "which tools do you use at OW2 ?" : Survey to be done (JP)
** B- code base management
*** cleanup / task force : PM, MH, CT
** C- projects
*** OW2 projects websites on xwiki farm
*** new submissions
*** OW2 quality dashboard with Spago4Q, statistics etc
** D- TC meetings:
** E- SQuAT
* to be discussed

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