• Matt
    Matt, 2012/02/02 08:18

    Thank you for the post!  I might also add (as I think that you meetionnd before) that code itself is a form of knowledge and scientific research.  How are all those basement supergeniuses going to create improved fission reaction calculators if they can’t see the code to the work already done, and if they aren’t legally allowed to make improvements anyway?  (Aside from all of them applying for a job at that company&#8230emoticon_wink

    • Lynda
      Lynda, 2014/01/20 09:18

      Hey, that's pofruwel. Thanks for the news.

    • Yordhan
      Yordhan, 2014/01/21 04:25

      Pete: This is great what you are doing. I would like to help in some way. Iwould like to get togeather with you and see what I might be able to do. I want some of your yard signs for one. I can be<a href="http://bhtyrgkbizj.com"> reehcad</a> by my e-mail or phone 574-6002.  Looking forward to talking with you.   tks Skip

  • Taaniia
    Taaniia, 2014/01/19 20:45

    I'll be there!  No.3, New Street, Daventry. ( Just down from Tesco, next to premier peolpe recruitment I believe. ) 18:30 Monday 14th May.It'll be great if we can get a few peolpe together, to show that Daventry Town Council are making the right decision regarding the planning application.Its the District Council that have the final say, but getting as many groups as possible rejecting the housing plans should help!

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