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Title of chosen Topic 4.Web Service Coordination and Recommendation Platform (Trustie Software Resource Repository, Alitheia core, CloudSNAP)
School in Chinese


School in English

Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Science

Supervisor (CN) 彭启民
Supervisor (EN) Qimin Peng
Person in Charge (CN) 王瑞
Person in Charge (EN) Rui Wang
Participants (CN) 王健,胡堰,杨明鹍,付培国
Participants (EN) Jian Wang,Yan Hu, Mingkun Yang, Peiguo Fu
Tel 18610610086
Email Participant
Email Supervisor
Address (CN)


Address (EN)

Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences4# South Fourth Street, Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100190 P.R. China

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