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Pierre LEVY, Senior Software Engineer at City of Paris, Project Lead -  pierre.levy(at)

Project purpose and summarization

Project information

LUTECE is a java based CMS/Portal providing a very modular approach by its plugin architecture. It may also be used as a framework to build web application.
LUTECE runs many large sites such as,, and lets integrators realize complex and maintainable sites.
LUTECE is an Open Source project since 2002 and more than 100 developpers have commited some code since this date.

Project site :
Some metrics can found at :

Description of the project and its goals

LUTECE aims to be a toolbox and a framework to design web sites and applications that contain high level content management features and specific applicative parts.
Many components are generic and can be assembly with specific ones.

Targeted audience

The targeted audience is mainly integrators that may build reusable online services.
French or foreign public sector can be interested in building services on this platform in order to mutualize their invest.

Supporting team

Initial and main commiters :

Pierre LEVY, City of Paris, pierre.levy(at)
Isabelle LENAIN, City of Paris, isabelle.lenain(at)
Mathieu MAYER, Sopra Group
Olivier MICHALAT, Xebia
Geraud DUGE, Valtech
Laurent HOHL, City of Paris
Vashista NOBAUB, Steria
Francois-Eric MERLIN, City of Paris, francoiseric.merlin(at)
Thibaut LASSALE, ex City of Paris
Vincent  VOSSIER, Sopra Group
Louis LIN, ex Sopra Group
Valerian BROUSSARD, Sopra Group
Johann GOULLEY, Sopra Group

Full contributors list since 2007 is available here :

Business model

City of Paris is not a "Profit organization". In 12 years, more than 200 applications and sites are running with LUTECE. Many organisations may take profit of this work realized for our own needs. We always used and respected Open Source standards,  distributing the code has never been an overload. On the other hand, contributions provided by users are a way to share the effort.

User community

Integrators :

Editors :


All source code is written and commented using English.
A large part of the documentation is available in English.

The software UI is in English and French and can be translated in any language through i18n resources files.   


The roadmap is in few words
- improve the ability to update and deploy instances especially on clouds
- add more features by integrating more technologies


We would like to be hosted as an independant project.

Your project and OW2

LUTECE is a large Java based project.
It could be seen as a middleware software for integrators.

OW2 components

Here are some components we plan to work with : Spago BI, Bonitasoft, XWiki, Petals.
We are not aware of all OW2 projects so we can be interested probably by other projects.


We may develop synergies with many OW2 projects such as Spago BI, Bonitasoft, XWiki, Petals because our goal is to integrate external technologies into our portal.
We have already integrated many technoligies (Lucene, SolR, Jasper, JBPM, CMIS, ...)

Interested parties

We think that some main integrators such as BULL, SOPRA or ATOS may be interested in the fact that LUTECE join OW2.

Technologies and standards

Here are some technologies used :
- XML/XSLT for separating content with presentation
- HTML5 / CSS3 for rendering
- Java (JSR 170 (JCR), JSR 168, 286 (Portlets))
- EHCACHE (Cache)
- FREEMARKER (template engine)
- SPRING FRAMEWORK (IoC)- Twitter Bootstrap for responsive design UI
- CMIS (server) 

Contribution to the OW2 Community

This not well known project may interest OW2 users by its singular modular approach (similar features are more seen in the PHP World than Java) and its large code base (over 360 plugins). LUTECE is a lightweight foundation to build specific services and is well designed for integrators.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

Our motivation is :
- Technological exchanges and synergies
- Visibility for the project
- The user community growth

We think that OW2 fits the most because of its Java culture and its French/European software influence.  

Other Information?

License BSD


Terms and conditions acceptance


Created by Pierre LEVY on 2014/07/11 15:21
  • Thierry Souche, Orange

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