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Class: TopicsClassOld

Class properties:

  • Title of chosen Topic (TopicTitle: Static List)
  • School in Chinese (SchoolCN: TextArea)
  • School in English (SchoolEN: TextArea)
  • Supervisor (CN) (SupervisorCN: String)
  • Supervisor (EN) (SupervisorEN: String)
  • Person in Charge (CN) (PersonCN: String)
  • Person in Charge (EN) (PersonEN: String)
  • Participant (CN) (ParticipantCN: String)
  • Participant (EN) (ParticipantEN: String)
  • Tel (Tel: String)
  • Email (Email: String)
  • Address (CN) (AddressCN: TextArea)
  • Address (EN) (AddressEN: TextArea)
  • You can use the class editor to add or modify the class properties.

The class sheet

Before using this class you must first create the sheet and template for it. Follow the instructions below to do this.

The Sheet allows to control the presentation of documents of this data type. You can use the default presentation, which enumerates all the available fields, or you can design your own presentation. You can also choose different presentations for the viewing and for the editing modes.

The class template

The Template is the document used as the model for documents of this data type. It will automatically contain a reference to the Sheet and an instance of your Class.


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