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Please simply fill in and fax back the contract available in the sponsor prospectus or contact Catherine Nuel (catherine.nuel AT for any question.question.
==== What attendees say about OW2con ====
“Opportunities for discussions, good speakers.“
“Good overview of the consortium activities, good presentations, good opportunity to get together (...) and have further discussions.”
“Excellent presentations and very qualified presenters.“
“The international presence, the presentations that were mostly business and not simply technological oriented.“
“I liked the reception and sharing spirit that reigned there as well as the dynamism of the participants. A great tool for sharing of open source projects.“
“The content of the conference is very good.“
“Video capture was great.“
“It is great to participate in the cloud computing session, which let me know the state of the art of the relevant work. I will be glad to see similar sessions focusing on some hot topic in the next annual conference.“
“Nice atmosphere“
“Organization is very good, there were many experts from industry to share their works in Cloud.“
“Excellent "melting pot" event (many different people there). Very interesting conferences. Very good availability of OW2 staff.“
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