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**Abstract:** OW2 has traditionally provided an infrastructure based on Subversion and GForge. However, software development is evolving toward a more distributed, social, flexible, and lean process. This talk presents how OW2 is embracing this new trend and the new tools and possibilities offered for your OW2 project. From the source code repository (Svn, Git@OW2, GitHub…) and bug trackers, to continuous integration and documentation, OW2 lets you develop your project using your own process and tools. Thanks to the quality tools promoted by OW2, your project benefits from quality tracking and labeling. Be more reactive, improve your efficiency, and increase your quality with OW2. Speakers: Dr. Clement Escoffier, Arrow-Group, Guillaume Sauthier, BullPeergreen SAS, Christophe Hamerling, Linagora,
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