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From version 87.1
edited by olivier lizounat
on 2013/03/25 12:18
To version 90.2
edited by olivier lizounat
on 2013/03/25 12:32
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Content changes
def strategicMemberQuery ="SELECT, m.description, u.login, m.logo, m.web_site, m.benefactor, m.public_profile, m.valid, m.fy2012m.fy2013 FROM ow2_legal_entity_member m, t_user u WHERE u.user_id = m.user_id and m.membership = ’strategic’ and m.cancelled=’n’ ORDER BY"
<%if (member.fy2012(member.fy2013 == ’n’ ) {%>\\
<%if (member.fy2012(member.fy2013 == ’n’ ) {%>\\

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