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The OpenSocial[[OpenSocial>>]] Foundation, an industry recognized standards body, is dedicated to advancing the social web through community innovation and open source. Established in 2008, the Foundation provides the leading and most mature standards based component model for SaaS delivered social business applications. Widely supported by a majority of leading consumer and enterprise social platforms, such as IBM, Jive, and SugarCRM, the OpenSocial specification fosters the development of a growing set of socially-aware off-the-shelf applications. Through open source projects such as Apache Rave and Shindig, it provides a well-defined way for 3rd party applications to richly interact with users directly in their activity stream. OpenSocial became OW2 Associate organization on December 2012.2012, see the [[Press Release>>attach:Press_Releases.OpenSocial_Foundation_becomes_OW2_Consortium_Associate_Member@OpenSocialOW2AssociatememberandOpenSocial-PR.pdf]]. For more information, visit

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