What are OW2 Initiatives?
Initiatives are joint efforts by OW2 Members aimed at facilitating the use of OW2 technologies by mainstream Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors. Within an Initiative, OW2 Members work together to develop both technical integration between projects and business synergies in order to address specific market needs.

What do OW2 initiatives deliver?
The technical outcome of an Initiative is not a product but a high-level environment integrating several projects and providing a complex set of functionalities upon which Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors can build their own business solutions. The business outcome of an Initiative is a set of core relationships between technology providers, integrators and users. Together, they provide the expertise to implement solutions built upon OW2 technologies.

What is the FISSi governance?
As the name indicates, Initiatives are bottom-up community efforts that are lead by a Strategic Member. For more information, please read the Initiative Handbook (.odt) and, if you want to propose an Initiative, use the Initiative Charter Template (.doc)

Who can join FISSi?
The FI initiative will be OW2's pivotal mechanism to attract and coordinate activities related to the Future Internet. Prospective participants are expected to come from other collaborative projects focused on software infrastructure domains related to the Internet of Services (IoS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Contents (IoC).

How can I join FISSi?
There is no formal registration process. To be involved in FISSi activities, please write to the OW2 Management Office including an overview on your experience, expectations, as well as on the contributions you’re willing to make once you are a member of the initiative.

Do I need to be a member of OW2 to join FISSi?
At OW2 we understand that users select technical solutions on their ability to solve business problem. As a result they implement hybrid solutions made of technologies that are or not from OW2 and solutions that are or not open source. For this reason, OW2 initiatives are open to non-members and they tend to be interoperable with non-open source software. Of course to be able to fully take advantage of an initiative and take part in the OW2 governance the best way is to become an OW2 member. You can join OW2 here

What key standards will FISSi implement/promote?
From the technology perspective, FISSi will leverage the market development of key standards implemented by the CHOReOS platform, or which CHOReOS will comply with, they include:
OMG/ BPMN 2.0 ( ): Business Process Modeling and Notation: a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model. The current version of BPMN is 2.0.
OMG/SoaML ( ): SoaML (Service oriented architecture Modeling Language) is an open-source specification project from the Object Management Group, describing a UML profile and meta-model for the modeling and design of services within a service-oriented architecture.
More detailed information on the CHOReOS website at:

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