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Solutions Linux 2010, Paris

Solutionx Linux

Solutions Linux, March 16-18, 2010

Paris, France

Have a look at the photo album of OW2 Village and Conference (click on the photo icon above). Slides of the presentations are available below.

OW2 presence at Solutions Linux 2010:

Come and attend the OW2 Conference Track
March 18, 2010, 09h30 - 16h30 in the Rubis room
Note that most of the sessions will take place this year in French language.

Session description:
In English:
Optimize your entreprise infrastructure with innovative solutions from OW2 Consortium

The OW2 track at Solution Linux will showcase the Consortium's innovative open source solutions for collaborative technologies, identity management, cloud computing deployment and administration tools, virtualization, mobility and many more. Consortium members' success stories of their partnerships in meeting client-driven requirements will also be on show.

In French:
Optimisez votre infrastructure d'entreprise avec les solutions innovantes du Consortium OW2

La session OW2 à Solution Linux présentera les solutions open source innovantes du consortium dans les domaines des technologies collaboratives , de la gestion des identités, des outils pour le déploiement et l'administration pour le Cloud Computing, la virtualisation, la mobilité, etc. ainsi que des cas clients résolus sur un mode collaboratif par les membres du consortium.

PRESS KIT: OW2 @ Solutions Linux 2010


Download the full program including abstracts, in French(PDF) or files of the presentations, available as PDF format or downloadable from the OW2 slideshare space.

Presentation Title Speaker name(s) Presentation file
La stratégie d'OW2, les trois prochaines années. Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO. Slideshare (PDF)
Partie 1: Collaborations technologiques et résolution de cas clients: le succés des partenariats OW2
Prenez de l'avance avec la nouvelle génération du décisionnel open source grace à l'initiative OW2 Business Intelligence. Cedric Carbone (Talend - CTO), Stephane Padique (Ingres - Solution Architect) , Stefano Scamuzzo begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Engineering - SpagoBI Technical Manager). Slideshare (PDF)
Gestion autonomique des infrastructures du nuage pour le PaaS avec JASMINe : état des lieux et perspectives. Benoit Pelletier (Bull - Software Engineer), Frederic Dang Tran (Orange Labs R&D), Jean-Marc Menaud (Ecole des Mines de Nantes). Slideshare (PDF)
Mettez la Data Integration dans votre ESB avec Talend et Petals. Cédric Carbone (Talend - CTO),Gael Blondelle (Petals Link - CTO and VP Technology of OW2). Slideshare(PDF)
Comment gérer efficacement vos documents avec eXo DMS et la solution BPM Bonita. Rodrigue Le Gall (BonitaSoft - Chief Services Officer), Tugdual Grall (eXo Plaform - VP of Business and Product Strategy).
Outils d'audit et diagnostic pour application Java EE. Florent Benoit (Bull R&D - JOnAS architect), Mathieu Ancelin (Serli - Software Engineer). Slideshare(PDF)
The collaborative development: OW2 and Trustie in China. (in english. Yin Gang (National University of Defense Technology. Slideshare(PDF)
Partie 2: Des technologies innovantes au service de l'infrastructure d'entreprise
XWiki, le wiki enrichi : applications, plugins et extensions. Ludovic Dubost (XWiki - CEO). Slideshare(PDF)
Cloud et accélération des applications Java avec ProActive Parallel Suite. Denis Caromel (INRIA and ActiveEon Founder). (PDF)
Location Intelligence: when Business Intelligence meets Cartography (in english). Andrea Gioia (Engineering - SpagoBI Solution Architect) Slideshare(PDF)
Serveur d'application à la juste taille pour les besoins du cloud computing et de l'ubiquitous computing. Benoit Pelletier (Software Engineer - Bull) Slideshare (PDF)}
Le projet LemonLDAP::NG et intégration SAML2. Clément Oudot (Linagora) Xavier Guimard, (Gendarmerie Nationale), LemonLDAP::NG Project Leaders. Slideshare(PDF)
Rapid Uptake in Global Automotive B2Bi - The ACCORD Project & Roadmap. (in english). Rafael Marins (Neociclo - CEO). Slideshare (PDF)
Spagic: OSGi Universal Middleware for an effective SOA solution (in english). Gianfranco Boccalon (Engineering - IT Solution Architect), Andrea Zoppello (Engineering - IT Solution Architect). Slideshare (PDF)


OW2 will participate this year again in the exhibition through an "OW2 Village". See Village description and details (PDF). The Village will be conveniently located along one of the central aisle in Solutions Linux exhibition floor. Each OW2 member exhibiting will be provided with one individual pod and individual signage. The village will also be identified with a common OW2 signage. Members participating are: INRIA, Engineering, PetalsLink (EBM Websourcing), XWiki.


On Thursday March 16

10h30am - Business Intelligence : entre open source et offres commerciales, comment se positionner, avec Thierry Dupiot, Jedox et Stefano Scamuzzo, SpagoBI

On Wednesday March 17

02:45pm -"OW2: De l'open source pour l'open cloud",by Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO

13h15 - "Qu'est-ce que Petals link ?" , Bertrand Escudié, Petals link

13h30 - SOA et ESB : Quelle valeur ajoutée par rapport aux web-services seuls ?, Gael Blondelle, Petals link

On Thursday March 18

9h30 - L'interopérabilité est la réponse mais qu'elle est la question? Jean-Pierre Laisne , OW2 - Bull

11h45 - Présentation de SpagoBI, Chiara Chiarelli, SpagoBI

12h00 - Thème Universal Middleware: nouvelle opportunité pour l'interopérabilité Gianfranco Boccalon, architecte de l'équipe du projet open source Spagic

13h30 - Le role de la formation dans l'open source, l'exemple de Talend Olivier Carbonne, Talend

13h45 - Le développement open source : un axe majeur de différentiation, Cédric Carbonne, Talend

14h45 - OW2: De l'open source pour l'open cloud, Cédric Thomas - OW2

OW2 Presence in Round Tables

Ga�l Blondelle, OW2 VP Technology and PetalsLink CTO and Jean-Pierre Laisn�, OW2 President and Open Source Manager at Bull, will participate in the round table on Interoperability, to be held on March 16, from 14h00 to 15h30.

Parallel OW2 Events:

  • The OW2 Board meeting will take place in parallel of Solutions Linux, on March 17, from 9am to 12am, in Issy Les Moulineaux (France Telecom Offices).
  • The OW2 General Assembly will take place on wednesday March 17 from 3:30 to 5:00pm, followed by the "Wine & Cheese" on OW2 Village at 6pm.

Join us for our special OW2 Wine and Cheese cocktail
on March 17 at 6PM on the OW2 Village on the main Solutions Linux exhibition floor!. .

See more about Solutions Linux.

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