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About=== About ===
RISCOSS is a European FP7 research project funded by the French FSN (Fonds national pour la Solidarité Numérique) programme, call Cloud n° 1,dedicated to Managing Risk and was initially submitted under the name "Magellan".Costs in Open Source Software Adoption (Grant Agreement: 318249).
The objectiveobjectives of RISCOSS is to defineoffer Open Source Software (OSS) risk management techniques and demonstrate an HPC-as-a-Service cloud platform for applications of intensive computation, with interactive remote visualisation capabilities, allowing different users to work on a common platform.practices.
- Scalable, flexible and efficient quantitative and qualitative decision-making techniques
- Business models for OSS solutions. Flexible, customizable business models for OSS adoption considering involved stakeholders, their strategies and decision-making
- Strategic modelling and analysis of OSS ecosystems. Modelling approach to map out relevant organizational and OSS community context
- Tool Support. Rich, usable, collaborative and customisable web-based software platform offering integrated risk-management techniques developed in this, and reused from other, projects.
1) The RISCOSS sustainable platform.
2) Know-how about the stated objectives.
3) Improved competitiveness of IT European Industry.
4) Exploitation in the project through several case studies
functional and technical specification of the XLcloud platform architecture=== Partners ===
open source API of the XLcloud platform and of the virtual cluster
implementation of algorithms for 3D and video streaming display
prototype of the XLcloud platform including the virtual cluster and the main components of the platform
use cases for validation, illustrating the performance and suggesting future improvements
XLcloud aims at overcoming some of the most important challenges of implementing operationally high performance applications in the Cloud. The goal is to allow actors of the project to take leadership position in the market, as cloud service providers, or as technology providers.
- CENATIC (S)(Spain)
- XWIKI SAS (F)(France)
- OW2 (F)(France)
Please, stay tuned.tuned, as the collaborative tools are being implemented. Visit the RISCOSS website:
  • Caleb James Delisle, XWiki

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