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Based on the inputs, we have elaborated a Collaboration Framework of the initiative has been discussed in July andJuly, September and October by all partners (see minutes {attach: *July*|} {attach: *September*|}).*September*|}{attach: *October*|}). This Collaboration Framework is now available {attach: *here* |}. During these discussions, we initialized an expert group whose missions are to monitor the progress of the initiative and to establish Open Source Cloudware initiative R&D Agenda i.e. vision, state of the art and technological domains.
Next steps consist for the OSCi Expert Group to define the scope and vision of OW2 Open Source Cloudware. This scope and vision is based on well identified technological domains such as "~~Self-sizing and Green Paas~~", "~~Massively distributed services~~", "~~Business Intelligence for Clouds~~" and "~~Massively distributed clouds~~", each domain covering a specific aspect of cloud computing for which OW2 OSCi partners are mastering the challenges and for which OSCi Partners are committed to establish connections with 3rd Party Projects or similar initiatives. Discussions are now in progress to determine for each domain the contributions of OW2 OSCi Domain 1 and 3 have particularly made significant progress. The OSCi Expert Group is now working on the preparation of the 1st OSCi Workshop in Paris on 23 November 2010.
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