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[[This general presentation >>attach:||]]>>attach:Cloud.WebHome@OW2OSCiGeneralPresentationv2.0.pdf||]] will introduce the ideas and rationales which supported the creation of this initiative, the technological elements composing the bedrock of this initiative and the envisioned roadmap for the coming months.
Based on the inputs, we have elaborated a Collaboration Framework of the initiative has been discussed. [[This Collaboration Framework is available here>>attach:||]].here>>attach:Cloud.WebHome@OW2OSCiCollaborationFrameworkv2.0.pdf]]. During these discussions, we initialized an expert group whose missions are to monitor the progress of the initiative and to establish Open Source Cloudware initiative R&D Agenda i.e. vision, state of the art and technological domains.
* 2011, March 3: OW2 Announces OSCi Workshops to take place during March in Paris and Beijing - [[Press Release>>]]Release>>PressReleases.OW2OpenSourceCloudwareInitiativeInTheCloudExpoParisMarch2011]]
* 2010, July 22: OW2 Consortium will Support OpenStack with its Open Source Cloudware Initiative - [[Press Release>>]]Release>>PressReleases.OW2supportsOpenStack]]
* **Internetware: Challenges and Future Direction of Software Paradigm for Internet as a Computer** by Prof. Hong Mei, Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies, Ministry of Education School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing, China (meih at //__Abstract__: Internet is becoming an open, global, ubiquitous and smarter computer for our society and planet. Such "Internet as a Computer" requires substantial improvements in software characteristics such as collaborative, situational, autonomous, evolvable and trustworthy, which challenge existing software paradigms, including software model, software middleware and engineering approach. In this talk, a new software paradigm, called Internetware, is presented as a synergy of these future directions.// [[Download PDF >>attach:||]]>>attach:Cloud.WebHome@Internetware-meihong.pdf||]]
* **Event-based Business Process Editor and Simulator** by Vatcharaphun Rajsiri, Nicholas Fleury, Graham Crosmarie and Jean-Pierre Lorré //__Abstract__: The growing of business market dictates new requirements of agility to the business process environment. An event-driven approach can deal with this issue since an event can be defined as a significant change in the state of a system or an environment. This paper is focused on the combination of the event-driven approach and the business process modeling one by developing a cloud-enabled event-based business process editor and simulator. BPMN2.0 is the relevant business process formalism used since it can represent graphically various kind of operating activities and events.// [[Download PDF >>attach:||]]>>attach:Cloud.WebHome@BPM2010-PetalsLink-v2.0.pdf||]] ([[Project page>>]])
Why [[Rainbow>>attach:}~~{attach: ||]][[Rainbow>>attach:Cloud.WebHome@OW2OSCiRainbow.pdf]]
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