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Spago is a Java Enterprise Framework, released as Free/Open Source software under a LGPL license. Spago is a reusable, semi-complete infrastructure that can be customized to produce vertical applications. Designed with the aim to support mission-critical projects, it is a framework providing multi-channel services towards external infrastructures.

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Spago project home page Spago Forge Spago project data sheet
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Project lead: Gianfranco Boccalon Spago tracker

SQuAT: Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness

See here for a description of OW2 SQuAT programme.

FOSSology analysis Antepedia report Sonar OMM report (Open Maturity Model)
License analysis for Spago 3.0.0 not yet available not yet available OMM report (PDF)


Support Case studies
Professional support for Spago
Case study: Spago for the Italian Ministry of University and Research
Case study: Spago in Tirrenia - Passengers and Goods Booking
Other case studies

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