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The candidates registration stage runs from March 31 to April 15.13. **See how to apply further below**. The list of candidates in the 2014 election of the Board of Directors is regularly updated on the following pages:
You must vote online. Please note the online vote will be open between May 02Apr 28 to May 08.06. To cast your vote, please go to the pages indicated below (they are the same pages as the ones indicated above in fact, this is normal):
* Mar 31-Apr15:31-Apr13: Registration of Candidates
* Apr 16-May 01:14-Apr 27: Candidates campaign: Q&A with the applicants on the mailing lists
* May 02-08:Apr 28-May 06: On-line vote
* May 09:07: Result of representative election
* May 09-12:08-12: Registration of Candidates

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