Ocean Webinar Feb. 21 2014

Four OCEAN services presentation.

February 21 2014 16:00 CET
erOCCIerOCCI, a standard, scalable REST framework

Despite its wide acceptance for cloud services, REST APIs are not
standard hence not interoperable...More details

May 15 2014 10:00 CET
Emerginov Sensonet a simple open source solution to build networks of connected objects based on arduino

Sensonet is a framework that have been developped on top of the Emerginov project (an open source PHP PaaS hosted in OW2). More 

June 18 2014 10:00 CET
DocDoku Managing processes, data and documents of your products and services from your web browser

The DocDoku project aim is to offer a robust PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution...  More

June 19 2014 10:00 CET
LemonLDAP::NGLemonLDAP::NG, WebSSO and Identity Federation for your applications

LemonLDAP::NG is an open source Web Single Sign On product (WebSSO) written in Perl, plugged into Apache Web Server.  More

July 17 2014 10:00 CET
(tbc) Available soon
OW2 Update and Q&A with Cédric ThomasOW2 Update and Q&A with Cédric Thomas

Join OW2 CEO Cedric Thomas for a live update on upcoming OW2 key events.More details

September 24 2014 10:00 CET
ProActive ProjectNew Release Features of ProActive Workflows & Scheduling (V6.0, Sept. 2014)

Discover ProActive new web interfaces to create, execute and monitor all company jobs and business applications. More details

October 01 2014 10:00 CET
FP7 projects Quality Evaluation with ETICS from OCEAN ProjectEvaluating quality of software with ETICS from OCEAN Project

OCEAN project simplifies testing and quality assurance activities - through ETICS - to improve the quality of the software being produced in FP7 projects. ETICS allows you to define, execute and analyse a large range of software testing cases: static code analysis, unit testing, compliance testing, deployment and functional testing in a multi-node environment. Testing results are processed and a quality rank is assigned accordingly with the SQALE method.

October 15 2014 10:00 CET
CLIF ProjectTesting Your Application Performance with CLIF

Discover key features and enjoy the demo of CLIF open load testing platform...More details

October 23 2014 10:00 CET

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