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The Technology Council Chairman is a member of the TC.
He/she is elected by the TC participant for an undefined time (until he/she resign).

His/hers list of duties includes:

  • Lead the discussions about technology vision
  • Make sure that the TC fulfills its role
  • Co-organize meetings with the CTO and the Management Office (MO)
  • Run discussions about the architecture and the adoption of new projects
  • Take care of OW2 code base consistency

The work is typically done in duo with the OW2 CTO.

Election Propaganda emoticon_smile

Be the Chairman of the TC does not take so much time as the operational work can be mainly driven by the MO.

We need you as a candidate :

  • if you are one of the enthusiastic members of the TC,
  • if you like the OW2 consortium and want to contribute to its success,
  • if you want to help the projects by pushing new tools in the OW2 Forge,
  • if you want to help define and promote a common architecture vision


To be completed ...

TC Participant


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Share technical know how with other users, and help to promote OW2

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