Individual Roles

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The Technology Council Chairman is a member of the TC.
He/she is elected by the TC participant for an undefined time (until he/she resign).

His/hers list of duties includes:

  • Lead the discussions about technology vision
  • Make sure that the TC fulfills its role
  • Co-organize meetings with the CTO and the Management Office (MO)
  • Run discussions about the architecture and the adoption of new projects
  • Take care of OW2 code base consistency

The work is typically done in duo with the OW2 CTO.

Election Propaganda emoticon_smile

Be the Chairman of the TC does not take so much time as the operational work can be mainly driven by the MO.

We need you as a candidate :

  • if you are one of the enthusiastic members of the TC,
  • if you like the OW2 consortium and want to contribute to its success,
  • if you want to help the projects by pushing new tools in the OW2 Forge,
  • if you want to help define and promote a common architecture vision


The OW2 CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is appointed by the Management Office:

  • Defines the Consortium's general strategy for its technology infrastructure.
  • Organizes the Technology Council meetings.
  • Drives the Projects selection process.
  • Monitors Projects life cycles.
  • Works with the Technology Council on the drafting and implementation of required policies to guarantee code base consistency.
  • Helps improve developer resources.
  • Helps solve conflicts between projects when necessary.
  • Provides technology guidance to Initiatives when necessary.
  • Helps foster community activity on the forums.
  • Is the MO interface with the developer community.

TC Participant

Any project leader has the right to (and should) be part of the Technology Council.

However, not only project leaders are authorized in this group: the Technology Council may invite OW2 individuals for special occasions (particular skills for example, or community involvement).

See the current list of Technology Council Participants.

Involvement Evolution

After some times, things evolve, project leadership may change, project leader have no more time to give to the TC.
It is the responsibility of the project leader to nominate its successor and advertise it (either with a public mail on the list or by contacting TC Chairman or OW2 CTO).

In theses case, the no more involved in the TC participant is moved in the Emeriti section.


To be validated ...

Mentors are people willing to help to bootstrap incubated projects for beginning their lifes as OW2 projects.
Their help includes technical and community advices.


Each incubated project has to have a mentor.
The mentor is a Technology Council participant, he knows the OW2 community.
Ideally he also knows the applicative domain of the incubated project.

Mentoring is a volunteer move (nobody assign a TC participant to this task).

We need you to volunteer for mentoring new projects.
Please step XXX (need english speaker here emoticon_smile )


A mentor's duty to the incubated project are multiples.

On a technical side, he should be able to help the project to setup its infrastructure (OW2 forge, SCM, lists, jabber, ...) as well as providing some architectural/quality guidance (if needed). If he's not able to do things himslef, he should at least know who can effectively help.

Some examples (not exhaustive):

  • Explains multiple accounts of the OW2 jungle infrastructure
  • Describe available services (trackers, SCM, Wikis, ...)
  • Help setup theses services usage
  • Use knowledge of OW2 peoples to ask the right question to the right person

On a community oriented side, the mentor should be able to provide a bridge between the incubated project and other existing OW2 projects. This will help to foster collaboration between projects, may augment re-use of code inside of OW2, also connecting people together for innovations.

Some examples (not exhaustive):

  • Connect people from incubated project to ow2 project they may have synergies with
  • Improve code sharing, do not re-invent the wheel (because the mentor knows the existence of re-usable code)

Get Involved

Share technical know how with other users, and help to promote OW2

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