TC Process Descriptions

This page contains some informal description of the process that should be followed by TC members.


Sometimes, TC members are expected to vote on a given topic.

The vote is open for a pre-defined amount of time (usually 72 hours / 3 days) that have to be clearly written in the vote thread.

The vote options are +1, 0 or -1.

  • +1 means I'm OK with the proposal
  • 0 means I don't care
  • -1 means I'm opposed to the proposal (veto)

The veto vote must be argued: it's a showstopper. We must know what is wrong and why we should stop the vote (any -1 without proper explanations will be ignored).

The option that will obtain the majority+1 of casted votes will be choosen.
Ex: if there are 10 participants, the elected option must have at least 6 casted votes ( (10/2) + 1 ).

The results will be announced on the TC list as soon as possible.


The vote manager (usually CTO or TC Chairman) should start a new thread on TC list with an explicit subject: [VOTE] <topic>.
Some examples:
[VOTE] Maturation Lifecycle Criteria
[VOTE] Accept New Project : CONTRAIL
[VOTE] Archive Project : Funambol

Example of vote mail content:
The vote is to decide if we change the project lifecycle maturation criteria.
The proposal is here: (rev 18.1)

[ ] +1 Use this set of criteria
[ ]  0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Veto, do not change anything (must be argued)


An incubated project that wants to graduate (move from incubator to mature pahse of the OW2 project lifecycle) has to comply to a given set of criteria.

Project leader should fill the criteria form and send it to the TC for examination.

Someone from the TC (usually CTO or TC Chairman) review the form and express if it's OK or not.

Then, a given amount of time (usually 1 week) is given for the other TC members to review themselves the document and express their feelings.

If there is no opposition from the TC, the project graduates.

Project Acceptance

First, a wiki page (in the Proposals space) should be created for the new project proposal.

Then, CTO starts a new thread ([DISCUSS] Project Proposal : XXX) that links to the proposal page on the wiki.

This thread should be used to discuss and comment on the proposal (before any vote).