Old XWiki Migration Guide

Build a list of all pages of the wiki

Create a new page on the wiki with the following content:

1 All Documents of this Wiki
#macro( cleanup $message )$message.replaceAll(" ", "+").replaceAll("/", "%2F")#end

#set ($sql = "where 1=1 order by doc.web, doc.name")
#foreach ($item in $xwiki.searchDocuments($sql))
#set($bentrydoc = $xwiki.getDocument($item))
##'${bentrydoc.web}' '${bentrydoc.name}' -> [${bentrydoc.web}.${bentrydoc.name}]##

That will list all the pages of your wiki in a usable fashion:




Copy paste this content in a local file.


The process is partially implemented in Java (the part inlining the attachments).
So you need to compile the maven project:

$ git clone git://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2/legacy-xwiki-exporter.git
$ cd legacy-xwiki-exporter
$ mvn clean install


$ export-content jonas < /tmp/jonas-web/test-pages.lst

You should see something like this :

Step 1. Importing raw XWiki Pages
Downloading Cookbooks/Running+JOnAS+on+Windows+Azure ...
Step 2. Inline XWiki Page attachments
Processing target/export/Cookbooks/Running+JOnAS+on+Windows+Azure.xml
 Downloading windows_azure_logo.jpg
 Downloading banner_e4sl.png
Step 3. Create XWiki XAR
Wiki 'jonas' has been exported in 'target/jonas-export.xar'


Notice that you can comment lines in your pages list.
It is considered a good habit to not export XWiki/* pages

Final Steps

Create a task on the JIRA SERVICEDESK project:

  • choose "OW2 Project Wiki" for the Component
  • attach the XAR archive to the task

The OW2 XWiki administrator will then install your old content within a fresh new XWiki instance.

When this is done, you have to browse the new web site and check that everything is OK.

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