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The content of this page is under active discussion by the TC.
It only reflects the current state of our thoughts and has not been voted or officially supported/endorsed by the TC.


As OW2 does not own the code-base of the project, no constraints or restrictions can be placed on the projects.
So we propose to introduce the notion of "OW2 Label" (name to be found). Something like OW2 community friendly, OW2 Citizen,...

This label could be obtain by Good OW2 Citizen projects.
They have to follow some rules (that the TC will decide upon) to get their stamp/ribbon.

Good OW2 Citizen should be promoted in some way:

  • More visibility on the OW2 web site
  • Right to display some kind of ribbon (just think of the fork me github ribbon)
  • ...

Proposed rules

As I have an heavy Java-oriented background, some of the proposed rules are only applicable in a Java context.

Package Naming

  • All packages of the project should start with org.ow2.<project>..
  • This rules has to be extended everywhere it is applicable (XML Schema)
This rule, when applied, can clearly distinguish between open and commercial extensions (that are in a different namespace).

Source Code Availability

Project's source code should be hosted on the OW2 infrastructure.

Question: do we accept projects synchronized ? (git mirroring, tarball publishing, ...)

Forge Services Usage

How much of the offered forge services the project is using ?

  • Forge (file download, forge tracker, ...)
  • JIRA
  • Bamboo
  • Nexus
  • Mailing lists
This is not a yes/no evaluation ...

OW2 Web Site

The project has to provide a project web site accessible at http://<project>.ow2.org.

The project has to show the OW2 Logo on its homepage.

Question: Do we accept re-direction (xxx.ow2.org directing to xxx.company.com) ?
Answer: I would say no, *.ow2.org web sites should be open and should not directs directly to a company web site.
Question: Do we accept links ?
Answer: It is perfectly acceptable that part of the open web site are referencing pages of company's web site (think about a Support Offering page).


The project presents a roadmap (or multiple roadmaps if sub-parts of the project have different life-cycles).

JIRA could be used for retaining this information (see the handy Roadmap tab).
Any other issue tracking system with that kind of features could be used.


The project has been presented (under the OW2 branding) at some conferences.

Question: We could accept a project not in a session but only presented in a booth ?

Infrastructure Usage

It's a little bit different of the 'services usage' section.
Here, the project is required to be developped on the OW2 infrastructure:

  • Source reference repository hosted in OW2
  • Binaries available primarily on OW2 servers
  • Same for documentation

Incubator Bonuses

Releases Naming Scheme

While in the incubator, releases (produced with maven) should follow a special naming convention:

  • ''-incubator'' has to be included in the version number
    • Ex: 2.0-incubator
    • Ex: 2.1.3-incubator-SNAPSHOT
This point is under discussion. Some members find it cumbersome to use.
GSA: The idea is to introduce something to easily distinguish between incubated and mature projects.
CES: Proposed to restrict version numbers beneath 1.0

Status on Expressed Synergies

When the project has been accepted in the incubator, it may have expressed some synergies with other projects.
We could check when the project want to transit to the mature state what is the state of theses synergies.

A report could be done. I think that a project that did effectively what it told us it would do, can gain some bonus points emoticon_smile

Online Reports

Project dashboard can point to available reports (if available):

  • Fossology
  • Sonar
  • Olhoh

Get Involved

Share technical know how with other users, and help to promote OW2

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