Intellectual Property

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IP Management

Intellectual Property management is a process used to handle IP issues.


Project must take care of their dependencies, in order to remain license compatible.
Each dependency of a project has its own license, project members have to make sure that they use the dependencies (linking, distribution, ...) within the bounds of the license.

For example, a LGPL3 project cannot depends on a GPL3 library (GPL3 is viral and requires 'client' to be GPL too).
Another example: a LGPL project has the right to depends on an ASL2 library.

Code Ownership

  • The code you commit in the project belongs to you (Author)
  • Copyright

OW2 Propositions

  • OW2 do not hold copyright: no code ownership

Per-Project Policy

  • Each project is reponsible to handle IP cleanness in its own way
  • OW2 only provides guidance

Contributor License Agreement

Source Headers

Software Grant Agreement


Get Involved

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