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Git @ OW2

OW2 provide git source code management system at Projects leaders must ask for project creation to their mentor.

OW2 @ GitHub

Some of the OW2 projects are already hosting their source at GitHub. OW2 does not force projects to host their source on the OW2 infrastructure but we think that a nice dissemination channel will be to use the GitHub facilities to promote OW2 code.
In order to achieve that, OW2 provides mirroring mechanisms described below.

Mirroring Procedure

Each OW2 project will be mirrored into an unique github organization (we do not want to mix different project repositories in the same organization); Please do not create the organization yourself, this will be created by the scripts we use with right users and credentials.

Projects leaders have to:

  1. Fork
    2. Add their project (check existing json files for syntax, one file per project. Please give public git url)
    3. Send a pull-request with new file

Once validated, the organization will be created and repositories will be created.

Note that the mirroring just works from OW2 to GitHub. You still have to push your code to Git@OW2. 

SVN projects

We can mirror SVN projects on GitHub only if we translated them into git repositories and pushed them to our gitorious instance as defined before.
The procedure to translate and update git repositories based on cronjobs has to be defined.
Some useful links for cron definition: 

    2. This gem needs to be tested : Tested on Petals project, took 24 hours to create the initial repository from trunk, tags and branches. Maybe we can focus on trunk at least.

CVS projects

Oh really? Please consider to move your sources to SVN, or git directly. 

Mirrored Projects

  1. CompatibleOne at (12/2012)
    2. Sirocco at (01/2013)
    3. XLCloud at (01/2013)


  • CHA contacted GitHub support on 2012/03/13 : "We can do git mirrors for you, you just need to create the org account and let us know when a new mirror is to be added.  We can't do svn mirrors, but you might be able to do that yourself with git-svn"
  • Github support team just need that we create all the repositories we need and tell them which gitorious repos to mirror where.
  • There are some questions on how we can keep this stuff easy to manage. Mirroring ourselves and creating scripts using APIs will be probably better. Especially when projects have tons of repositories and when repositories are created...

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