2013 Minutes of Technology Council meetings


13 February


  • Next TC meeting 
  • Infrastructure
    • Git: mirroring status and Git@OW2 
    • Project websites on the new xwiki farm 
    • Cloudbees cloud offering 
    • New Bamboo status
    • OW2.org wiki updates (dashboard & services) 
    • Release/Binary hosting (alternative to the old gForge way...) 
    • SVN rights management
  • Projects
    • Enforcement of Maturity criteria for Mature projects 
    • OW2 AppStore 
    • OW2 API 
    • TC Blog
  • SQuAT
    • Status and next steps

Type: IRC
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20130213-v2.pdf
Chat transcript: OW2-TC-IRC20130213.txt

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