2011 Technology Council Meetings

12th of May


  • SQuAT
    • Antelink Release Cooker
    • Sonar
    • Other
  • Infrastructure status
    • GIT
    • Nexus 
    • Project XWiki migration 
    • Security
  • New projects, graduations, mentors
    • OW2 Utility/toolkit project 
    • OW2 Specification project 
    • Kerneos: potential new project 
  • Technology Council
    • Evolutions of the TC Web space
    • TC cleanup
  • Miscellaneous
    • OW2 Blog aggregator
    • Featured Contest 
    • Presentation of EasySOA

Type: F2F (Solution Linux, Paris)
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20110512.pdf

15th of April


  • Infrastructure
    • Gitorious
    • XWiki Migration
    • Nexus
    • Wiki Pages
    • Misc
  • Projects
    • Proposals
      • Snmp4Cloud
      • Sirocco
      • M2net
    • Graduation
    • Project Organization
  • Security
  • Misc

Type: IRC
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20110415.pdf
Transcript: OW2-TC-IRC20110415.txt

9th of March


  • finalization of the project classification process and criteria
  • OW2 label discussion
  • SQuAT status (in particular Fossology tests)
  • Infrastructure status (Gitorious, NovaForge news, ...)

Type: F2F InTheCloud Paris

12th of January


  • NovaForge Status (if we have any news)
  • Tooling: Git mirror, Sonatype Nexus
  • Quality: SQUAT Status
  • XWikis (project's website) migration
  • Project Lifecycle and Project Reviews 
  • Status on users base and SSO with current services
  • Download statistics counting rules 

Type: IRC
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20110112.pdf
Transcript: OW2-TC-IRC20110112.txt

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