2008 Technology Council Meetings

2nd of December


  • Presentations of projects
  • Competing projects
  • Components versus platforms
  • Architecture vision
  • Other points

Type: F2F (Paris)
Minutes: OW2-QM-TC-Minutes20081202.pdf
Materials: OW2QuarterlyMeetingParis

10th of October


  • New projects (Frascati, Talend, ...)
  • 2009 Open Source Programming Contest in China
  • Guidelines for projects web site
  • Report on Fossology meeting with HP
  • Architecture discussion
  • Preparation of the next quarterly meeting
  • OSGi alliance membership

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20081027.pdf

24th of September


  • Architecture
  • Discussion

Type: F2F (Paris)
Minutes: OW2-QM-TC-Minutes20080924.pdf
Materials: OW2QuarterlyMeetingParisFrance

3rd of September


  • New projects
  • Project Classification process
  • Next Quarterly meeting
  • Atlassian
  • Programming contest

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080903.pdf

23th of July


  • project classification
  • review of pending projects
  • license issues
  • agenda for the 24 September TC meeting
  • Dimdim webinar tool
  • Articles for Linux Magazine Brazil
  • Project flyers
  • Date of next TC conf call

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080723.txt

13th of June


  • Pending projects
  • Process
  • Migration to Subversion
  • Other points 

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080613.txt

14th of May


  • Discussion about project Selection Criteria
  • Trustie presentation
  • Himalaya program

Type: F2F (Grenoble)
Minutes: OW2-QM-TC-Minutes0514.pdf
Materials: OW2QuarterlyMeetingGrenobleFrance

17th of April


  • OW2 JCP Scholarship
  • Next face to face meeting in Grenoble : Proposal to be sent to
  • Project proposals 

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080417.txt

2nd of April


  • Election of the TC chairman
  • Project selection criteria (see the last TC conf call minutes)
  • Agenda of the next face to face architecture meeting

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080402.txt

20th of March


Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080320.txt

7th of March


Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080307.txt
Materials: Himalaya proposal

30th of January


Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20080130.txt

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