2007 Technology Council Meetings

13th of December


  • China partners presentation
  • Defining a date for an architecture meeting
  • Project lifecycle
  • OW2 platform migration
  • Statistic on the site
  • Azuki framework
  • After meeting (presented at board day after)

Type: F2F (Antwerp, Belgium)
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20071213.pdf

13th of September


  • OW2 Platform Migration
  • OW2 Platform Maintenance
  • Incubator

Type: F2F (Neuchatel, Switzerland)
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20070913.pdf
Materials: NextOW2QuarterlyMeeting

12th of April


  • Lifecycle agreement
  • TC Organization
  • OW2 project migration
  • Miscellaneous

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070412.pdf

21th of March


  • TC organization
  • TC Composition
  • News about hosting
  • Project LifeCycle

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070321.pdf

21th of February


  • Charter and composition of the TC

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070221.pdf

7th of February


  • CDE: Use of Libresource
  • Hosting of freeware
  • Public access / private access
  • Hosting proposal
  • Continuous build (Continuum, Luntbuild)
  • TC Charter

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070207.pdf

24th of January


  • codebase structure
  • OW2 Web site

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070124.pdf

19th of January


  • The platform hosting
  • Codebase structure (also project approbation)
  • TC composition rules
  • OW2 web infrastructure

Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070119.pdf

10th of January


Type: Audio
Minutes: v2TCMinutes070110.pdf

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