Complete name of the project

Siwpas, Simple Web Profile Application Server

Submitter information

Gurkan Erdogdu,, CoFounder and CTO of company MechSoft

Project purpose and summarization

Project information

Siwpas (pronounced as Simple Web Profile Application Server) is a lightweight Java application server platform for developing enterprise quality Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) web applications. Siwpas integrates The Apache Software Foundation Java EE 6 related projects for providing a Java EE Web Profile compatible runtime platform and adds enterprise related features, such as "Clustering & Failover, Security Modules". Siwpas has been developing by company MechSoft. Siwpas web site is located at

Description of the project and its goals

The main goal of the Siwpas is to create a "Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified" lightweight application server platform. In addition to the web profile certification and features, Siwpas will be the platform of developing CDI (Context and Dependency Injection) based applications via providing lightweight CDI runtime. 

Targeted audience

Siwpas is used by enterprise companies(Java EE developers) that want to use lightweight Java EE Web Profile application server. 

Supporting team

Siwpas is supported by MechSoft. Mr. Gurkan Erdogdu is the founder and technical lead of the project. He is very experienced on open source project development and knows how to create vibrant community around open source projects. He is the founder and chair of the Apache OpenWebBeans project (JSR299: Context and Dependency Injection for the Java EE Platform Implementation). He started the Apache OpenWebBeans project himself and now project has 15 contributors (some of them are from IBM and other big vendors). Altough the initial committers of the project comes from MechSoft, developer team may be increased within the active project lifecycle from the different locations. 

Business model

We released the first version of the Siwpas at April 2011. Our business model is that providing a Technical Support and Professional Services via subscriptions. Because we are small company in Turkey, we are not able to extend our customer base except Turkey. There are several reasons for this:

- Certification :  Currently Siwpas is not certified by Oracle regarding "Java EE Web Profile Certification". We talked with Oracle regarding Java EE Web Profile Certification and Oracle would like to get upfront(one time) cost that is very high for accessing their TCKs. Currently this is not possible from our side. 

- Product Brand : Altough we were contained in first implementors of the Java EE Web Profile Specification, we were not able to create brand around the project.

Our aim is to implement world most lightweight Java Web Application server. We are interested in joining the OW2 in order to increase our contacts and visibility in the open source world. 


Our main competitor is the Resin, Glassfish Web Profile, JBoss Web Profile and Apache TomEE project. Siwpas is the first product that created the idea around implementing a Java EE Web Profile Server based on the Apache Software  Foundation Java EE related projects. Because Siwpas is used by real enterprise projects, we added enterprise features to the product, like CDI Clustering, EJB Clustering, Security Modules etc. 

User community

No vibrant user community. Siwpas mailing list is located in


Currently Siwpas only supports English locale. But in the future, with open source community we are always open to translate Siwpas to other locales.


- Certified Siwpas as Java EE 6 Web Profile.
- Implements Siwpas-CDI container as a alternative bundle.
- Implements Java EE 7 Web Profile requirements.
- Certified Siwpas as Java EE 7 Web Profile.
- Become the world lighweight and certified Java EE Web Profile application server.



Your project and OW2

Mr. Gurkan Erdogdu applied OW2 for becoming a individual member of OW2. At a future time, MechSoft may also participate in OW2 as a company member. 

OW2 components

- We will use JOTM while implementing standalone Siwpas CDI container as transaction management.
- We will also use other OW2 middleware components if they are applicable.
- We can help other projects to use CDI Container functionality.


Because Siwpas implements Java EE 6 Web Profile specification, we can create synergy with Jonas project and other projects that benefit from Java EE.

Interested parties


Technologies and standards

Siwpas implements Java EE 6 Web Profile specification. Currently, OW2 Jonas implements Java EE 5 Specifications and may cover implementation of some standards.

Contribution to the OW2 Community

A massive number of application developers and enterprise grade businesses would like to use light-weight software servers for deploying and operating their web applications. They do not want to use heavy Java EE Servers that are hard to use and control. They would like to use light-weight, cloud friendly, web profile based application servers. Siwpas will be one of these lightweight application servers. Moreover, community around CDI based Java EE Applications is increasing everyday. OW2 members and community can benefit from Siwpas regarding lightweight CDI supported application server platform.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

- First of all, OW2 is mainly concentrated on middleware projects. Lots of other open source communities involve lots of different projects that use different technologies. This is the first reason of getting the project into OW2.

- Currently OW2 does not have any certified Java EE 6 Web Profile Server. Some other communities (such as Apache Software Foundation) has already have Java EE Web Profile Servers. We want to create some competition between the projects.

- We are interested in joining the OW2 in order to increase our visibility in the open source world. We also want to use OW2 brand to increase our user base.

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