ResourceBundle name of the project have to start by providing the name of your project. This name is descriptive and not constrained (but limited to 40 characters).
proposal.summarization.title=Project purpose and summarization

proposal.information.title=Project information following information helps the technology council in determining the purpose, intentions and scope of the project.

proposal.submitter.title=Submitter information who you are. Typical value of this field must contains at least Name, Affiliation (your company's name for example) and your email address that the TC can use to reach you.

proposal.description.title=Description of the project and its goals not be too descriptive, focus on the main features and contributions of your project. audience us understand if your software is targeted to middleware designers, end-users, or a specific community. Similar or competitor projects: Identify the competing projects in the state of the art that partially or completely overlap with your project. Please provide name, URLs and a description of how your project brings new contributions. Note that it is fine for your project to overlap with other projects, even if they are hosted by OW2.

proposal.supportingTeam.title=Supporting team Technology Council is not only concerned with the technical and architectural aspects of the project, but also about its viability. This section must contains the list of initial committers for this project (name + affiliation + email). Please also give details about your financial support if applicable. 

proposal.businessModel.title=Business model you are a "for profit" organization, what is your business model or strategy for this product? What do you expect to gain from open sourcing your product? What about your competitors? community your project already has a user community, provide detailed information about it or indicate user communities that could be interested by the project.

proposal.i18n.title=Internationalization is an international consortium, explain how globalization is handled in your project or how do you plan to support it.

proposal.roadmap.title=Roadmap a development plan (workplan) with possibly a short-term and a long-term vision. your project is an application, are you willing for it to be hosted as a sub-project of an existing project (i.e., a JOnAS application)? If yes, please detail in which project you would like to be hosted.

proposal.andow2.title=Your project and OW2 following information identifies interaction with the OW2 Community so that we can understand where and how your project fits in the overall picture.

proposal.components.title=OW2 components a list of OW2 components that are used (or that you plan to use) in your project and which components could benefit from your project.

proposal.synergies.title=Synergies possible synergies with OW2 projects or working groups.

proposal.interestedParties.title=Interested parties section contains the name of people (external to your project) that express their interest in this software and would be willing to become users or contributors of the project once it is created. Notice that this section may be updated during the discussions with the TC by the interested peoples themselves.

proposal.technologies.title=Technologies and standards the technologies or standards that are used or implemented by your project. Identify which standards are already covered by the OW2 code base.

proposal.contributions.title=Contribution to the OW2 Community the benefits for OW2 to host your project.

proposal.motivations.title=Motivations to join the consortium and its community, we would like you to briefly expose your motivations to join the consortium. You have certainly considered other open source communities to host your project (at least we hope so), but why did you to choose OW2? Explain why, if your project is already hosted somewhere else (, own website, ?) you would like to move to OW2 and how do you envision the transition.Why OW2: Explain why do you think that OW2 is the right host for your project.

proposal.others.title=Other Information?


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