Submitting a new project to OW2

You intend to submit a new project to OW2 and we thank you for your interest in our community. Please note that only registered members can submit projects on the Forge. Before proceeding with the project registration, you must concur with the following clarifications on the status and nature of the OW2 Consortium.

Your proposal supports the mission of OW2

The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop open source code middleware and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. To be hosted by OW2, projects must be consistant with its mission: they are middleware project aiming at facilitating the development, deployment and management of distributed applications and their proponents commit to participate in developing the OW2 community and business ecosystem.

You consent to the governance of OW2

The strategy of the Consortium is decided by the Board of Directors. OW2 day-to-day operations are carried out by the Management Office and the technology strategy is driven by the Technology Council.

Projects submissions are evaluated by the Technology Council which decides by consensus whether or not to host the project on the OW2 infrastructure.

You subscribe to the participative nature of OW2

Once they are accepted, Projects are welcome to use all facilities provided by the Consortium's collaborative environment including the Forge, bug trackers, mailing lists, download sites, etc.

Projects participants must understand the community and participative nature of this infrastructure. While we do our utmost to provide a reliable service, the Consortium is still a non-profit organization, it does not sell a service, and project participants are not its customers. Project participants, and at least the project leader, are expected to be proactive in helping the Consortium improve its infrastructure.

The project leader is a de facto member of the Technology Council and is invited to take part in its discussions and deliberations held through conference calls, mailing lists and face-to-face meetings at Quarterly Meetings.

You adhere to the Projects Life Cycle

Like all IT project, OW2 projects evolve along what we call a Project Life Cycle. As defined by the Technology Council, the OW2 project life cycle is comprised of three stages: Incubation, Maturity and Archive.

New projects start in the Incubation stage then may move to the Maturity stage and, ultimately, might end up in Archive. The Technology Council carries out periodic evaluation of projects and update their status depending of several criteria. For more information, please refer to the OW2 Projects Life Cycle document.

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