OW2con' 14 Sessions

November 5: Open Source Session at OpenStack Summit Paris

Technical- and business-oriented presentations focusing on open source cloud computing, proposed by members participating in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) or external technology experts. This session will be colocated with the OpenStack Summit. Project leaders will showcase cloud deployments of OW2 state-of-the-art technologies and use cases, with multi-cloud oriented sessions and relevant news for the OpenStack community.

November 5: RISCOSS Convention

RISCOSS Convention - This free workshop is dedicated to the RISCOSS project stakehoders, including members of the RISCOSS consortium, advisory board and partners. RISCOSS develops a risk management-based methodology and a platform to facilitate the adoption of open source code into mainstream products and services. Following a technical update on the platform, an open discussion with experts will highlight ongoing collaboration efforts and next opportunities for the RISCOSS community. Public and free workshop. Initial registration is mandatory more details about RISCOSS project

November 6: Public Conference

Invited Keynote Speakers

Keynote Presentations at OW2con'14 will gather both technology experts, top level executives, CIOs, CSOs and institutional invited speakers.
More details soon.

OW2 Project Spotlight

Technology presentations, including project demonstrations, latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations.

Open Source Communities

Managing a reliable and proven code base is a first step to create Open Source community and to maintain end-users loyalty. The perceived quality of the code downloaded from OW2 has been improved through the SQuAT (Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness) initiative launched in 2010. More risk mitigation and online testing services are arriving from the RISCOSS project and from the OCEAN Project for instance. Presentations in this track will focus on managing open source community of users, with examples from open source software designers. External participants and experts have been invited to speak in this session.

Big Data Track

The session will focus mainly on the recent OW2 Big Data Initiative launched in 2014. This initiative attracts a vibrant eco system around open source Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies, by identifying and working on actual business scenarios in which these technologies can bring valuable results extracting valuable information. The initiative also focuses on Open Data, as a primary source of information, freely available, in order to increase the value of information owned by organizations and enterprises. External presentations will also be reviewed.

OW2 Use Cases and Success Stories

This session focuses on real world Use Cases of OW2 components and platforms:
- Production use of OW2 projects by end-users;
- Systems integrators solutions deployed with OW2 projects;
- Integration of OW2 projects in commercial offerings.

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