November 13-14, 2013
Orange Labs, Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux

The open ecosystem for collaborative innovation

November 13-14, 2013 Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux

A unique opportunity to take part in the revolution that is changing the software industry.

OW2 Consortium is pleased to announce the fifth edition of OW2con, an annual international community event that brings together technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from 50 countries around the world. This year’s conference will be held again at Innovation Gardens within the FT-Orange R&D complex in Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux. The conference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, 13-14 November 2013. An additional workshop day will take place on Tuesday November 12. Open source strategists, technologists and entrepreneurs are also welcome to attend, share their experiences and network with their peers.

The cloud computing industry ecosystem is today quickly evolving, and recent trends demonstrate the growing importance of open source in the cloud computing world. After becoming a rival to proprietary software in all segment of enterprise computing, open source software in now driving innovation in cloud computing. While new technologies are quickly becoming mature on the cloud execution layer (or IaaS) front thanks to communities such as OpenStack and Apache, everything remains to be done on the upper layers (or PaaS) of the cloud-oriented information system and this is where OW2 is positioned. OW2 is today at the middle of an open ecosystem dedicated to the development and deployment of applications in the cloud and is very active in a number of open source collaborative projects (EU funded or French projects) which all contribute in developping open cloud solutions.

What's new in 2013? This year conference programme will give a larger room to panel discussions, expanding the speaker's profile to end-users, other communities and IT specialists. The OW2 Projects Awards contest will be renewed this year. In addition to these exciting innovations, OW2con'12 will feature .

This two-day event will cover a wide range of current topics, including middleware technologies, Business Intelligence, Big Data and open source Cloud Computing, while allowing attendees plenty of opportunities to socialize with open source professionals in an informal atmosphere at the landmark venue. OW2con'13 will also enable OW2 members including organizations and individuals to gain visibility on their initiatives and collaborative projects.

OW2Con'13 will feature:
  • Latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations given by high level technology experts coming from Europe, Asia and the Americas;
  • Award contest for Best of Breed projects;
  • Exhibition space for projects and sponsor demonstrations;
  • Social events: Free Beer Party on the evening of November 13;
  • Speakers telling their Success Stories while demonstrating real world use case of OW2 components;
  • Open Source Cloud Summit;
  • Series of panel discussions based on "hot topics";
  • Milestones and next steps for the SQuAT initiative (Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness)
  • Collaborative projects (European and French projects);

Ten great reasons to attend OW2con'13

Can you afford to miss the experience? Just pick one of the ten great reasons (or even two!):
  1. Update your expertise with state of the art technology and OW2 projects presentations
  2. Show your support to the open source community (your very own long-term personal investment)
  3. Network and catch up with your peers
  4. Participate in the new OW2 Projects Awards
  5. Discover the future of open source cloud computing at the day-long summit on open source cloud computing
  6. Attend the special session on OW2’s quality program SQuAT (Software Quality and Trustworthiness)
  7. Get up to date on the strategic and business opportunities offered by open source
  8. Enjoy the now legendary OW2 beer party
  9. Learn from many uniques round tables gathering high-level experts.

And it's free!