Keynotes speakers

Keynotes speakers

  • Ignacio Llorente, OpenNebula.
  • Bret Priatt, OpenStack.
  • Denis Caromel, ProActive, INRIA, CNRS, IUF.
  • Jean-Bernard Stefani, INRIA.

Conference Speakers

Clement Escoffier, akquinet A.G.

Clement Escoffier is a Solution Architect in the Modular and Mobile Solutions competence center of the akquinet AG. He is working on providing complete solutions for the development, deployment, management and evolution of modular applications crossing the IT department boundaries. His interests go from the build process and software quality and tracking management to the deployment and update process of complex systems. He is a Apache Felix PMC member and leads the Apache Felix iPOJO project and the OW2 Chameleon project. He received a PHD in software engineering from the University of Grenoble in 2008.

Karl Pauls, akquinet A.G.

Karl Pauls is the head of Mobile Applications and OSGi Development at akquinet AG. During the day he is busy with leading projects in the OSGi and mobile application space and at night he is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). With more then six years experience, he is a long time OSGi enthusiast and commiter and member of the PMC of Apache Felix the OpenSource OSGi-Implementation from Apache. Recently, he is co-authoring the "OSGi in Action" book.

Guillaume Sauthier, Bull S.A.S.

Guillaume Sauthier is currently holding a senior developer position in Bull where he is working on the OW2 JOnAS application server since 2003. He is now responsible of the JOnAS 5 OSGi architecture, ensuring a best usage of this technology. Guillaume is also fluent in WSDL and speaks XML from the time he's been involved in Apache Axis (the first), now he is a contributor on Apache Felix, iPOJO and CXF projects, without speaking about his daily work on OW2 projects (JOnAS, EasyBeans, …). OSGi is also on his skills board, being a power user of Felix and iPOJO for at least 4 years. He's been involved in the OW2 community since the beginning (since Objectweb in fact), being part of the technology council, helping on Opal, managing our Bamboo instance, proposing new tools for OW2, ...