OW2 2010 Annual Conference Detailed Sessions

OW2 2010 Annual Conference Detailed Sessions

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1) Keynotes presentations:(to be completed)

  • Ignacio Llorente, OpenNebula.
  • Bret Priatt, OpenStack.
  • Denis Caromel, ProActive, INRIA, CNRS, IUF.
  • Wang Wei, ISCAS.
2) Panel.


KEYNOTE INTRODUCTION (Day 2) - Jean-Bernard Stefani, INRIA.

SESSION 1 - OW2 Cloud Project Session

SESSION 2 - Joint Projects Session

SESSION 3 - SQuAT Session (Software Quality Assurance Track)

SESSION 4 - OW2 Software in action

SESSION 5 - Business Intelligence Initiative

UNCONFERENCES - The Unconference Sessions are specific unformal sessions enabling participants to submit their topics on-site. There is no Call for Proposals neither advance program for the Unconference sessions. A dedicated board will be made available on-site.