Session OW2 Success Stories

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Distributed Batch Processing with Jmine

Speaker: Julien Renaut, MAPS S/A Soluções e Serviços
Abstract: The open source Jmine Platform provides abstractions for distributed and fault-tolerant execution of tasks. Flow, transaction and re-execution controls are available with tracking at every step. In this presentation we will explore these abstractions, construct a batch flow and execute it. Co-speaker Takeshi Fukushima MAPS S/A Soluções e Serviços 

eServices with Spagic at OMSAR - Public Administration of the Republic of Lebanon

Speaker: Gianfranco Boccalon, Spagic - Engineering Group
Abstract: The Public Administration in the Republic of Lebanon has adopted Spagic to develop an infrastructure supporting the realization of eServices, which allows citizens to request for specific services delivered by the Public Administration, through the portal of the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR). Citizens can submit various types of service requests on-line, such as requests for registration certificates. At any time users can check the status of the submitted requests: in progress; need for additional documentation; incoming communications sent by the administration; outcome. During the project development, particular attention was paid to the realization of the tools that had been provided by the operators of the various administrations, in order to dynamically create new eServices. This project is an important step forward in the Lebanese public administration's IT infrastructure innovation path. This is not only the result of the adoption of a completely open source solution. It also allows a greater involvement of citizens in the management of administration activities, with a particular focus on delivering efficient services and transparent information. The speech provides an overview on the project state of the art and the obtained results. Participation of some OMSAR representatives to be confirmed.

ProActive CLIF: Cloud Enabled Load Injection

Speakers: Vladimir Bodnartchouk (ActiveEon) Marina Deslaugiers (Orange) Bruno Dillenseger (Orange) Daniel Stern (Orange)
Abstract: This presentation shows how the 2 OW2 frameworks CLIF and ProActive are successfully used together in order to provide Cloud Enabled Load Injection.