November 27 Workshop Day November 28 Conference
Open Social Workshop OpenSocial Europe Workshop, OW2 Board of Directors Keynote Sessions: Patrick Strack, Cloudwatt and Mark Weitzel, OpenSocial Demo Sponsors Keynote Sessions: Alexandre Zapolsky, Linagora and Ali Ataya, Head of the E-Government Unit, Lebanon Demo Sponsors
Open Sources Challenges
OW2 Project Spolights 2
Keynote Sessions: Jim Walker Hortonworks
OW2 Project Spotlights 1
Big Data
Lunch break, Free lunch Party and session demo
Open Social Europe Workshop Keynote Session Alfonso Castro, Microsoft Demo Sponsors Session Quality in Open Source Demo Sponsors
Open Cloud
OW2 Success Stories
Open Social Workshop
OW2 Project Spotlight 3
Project Awards Ceremony and free beer party