Program2" width="261" height="79" alt="November 27 Workshop Day">" width="272" height="79" alt="November 28 Conference">" width="267" height="79" alt="">" width="1" height="79" alt="">" width="261" height="174" border="0" alt="Open Social Workshop OpenSocial Europe Workshop, OW2 Board of Directors">" width="225" height="72" border="0" alt="Keynote Sessions: Patrick Strack, Cloudwatt and Mark Weitzel, OpenSocial">" width="47" height="174" alt="Demo Sponsors">" width="230" height="83" border="0" alt="Keynote Sessions: Alexandre Zapolsky, Linagora and Ali Ataya, Head of the E-Government Unit, Lebanon">" width="37" height="174" alt="Demo Sponsors">" width="1" height="72" alt="">" width="225" height="53" alt="Open Sources Challenges">" width="1" height="11" alt="">" width="230" height="31" border="0" alt="OW2 Project Spolights 2">" width="1" height="31" alt="">" width="230" height="29" border="0" alt="Keynote Sessions: Jim Walker Hortonworks">" width="1" height="11" alt="">" width="225" height="49" border="0" alt="OW2 Project Spotlights 1">" width="1" height="18" alt="">" width="230" height="31" border="0" alt="Big Data">" width="1" height="31" alt="">" width="800" height="29" alt="Lunch break, Free lunch Party and session demo">" width="1" height="29" alt="">" width="261" height="54" border="0" alt="Open Social Europe Workshop">" width="225" height="28" border="0" alt="Keynote Session Alfonso Castro, Microsoft">" width="47" height="195" alt="Demo Sponsors">" width="230" height="39" border="0" alt="Session Quality in Open Source">" width="37" height="194" alt="Demo Sponsors">" width="1" height="28" alt="">" width="225" height="90" border="0" alt="Open Cloud">" width="1" height="11" alt="">" width="230" height="36" border="0" alt="OW2 Success Stories">" width="1" height="15" alt="">" width="261" height="18" border="0" alt="Open Social Workshop">" width="1" height="18" alt="">" width="261" height="14" alt="">" width="1" height="3" alt="">" width="230" height="120" border="0" alt="OW2 Project Spotlight 3">" width="1" height="11" alt="">" width="261" height="109" alt="">" width="1" height="32" alt="">" width="225" height="77" border="0" alt="Project Awards Ceremony and free beer party">" width="1" height="76" alt="">" width="37" height="1" alt="">" width="1" height="1" alt="">
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