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September 2012 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - September 2012 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

As we are now about to complete our Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness (SQuAT) program, OW2 is entering a sequence of significant evolution. SQuAT will be fully launched at OW2con'12 in November. We are already preparing two subsequent strategic moves: the enforcement of SQuAT and the opening of a project appstore. The first move touches on the governance of the OW2 projects: all mature projects will have to be “SQuAT compliant”. This will enhance the quality, both actual and perceived, of the OW2 code base. The second move will grow the dissemination of the projects: we will increase the exposure and facilitate accessibility of the OW2 projects. More downloads will be

the  reward for well demonstrated quality.

In September, after a well deserved summer break, we are in the final preparation stages for a season of top-line events cebtered on cloud

computing, including the Open World Forum and Cloud & IT Expo in Paris, the China Open Source Week, the CompatibleOne launch at Cloud Expo West in Santa Clara, culminating with OW2con'12. See details below.
We are pleased to welcome IBROWSE, a software and sevices company joining us from Brazil where the OW2 community is building a strong momentum.

Thank you for your contributions and on-going support,

>New Members


IBROWSE: A Brazilian software and service company, founded in 1998, IBROWSE joins OW2 to help promote Jaguar, its JavaEE framework and Telescope a migration tool from Oracle Forms to JavaEE.

>Project News

>Project Updates

 21 Aug 12: JOnAS 5.1.7 available (Posted by: albertil)
 14 Aug 12: WebLab Core 1.2.5 Release ! (Posted by: a-saval)
 08 Aug 12: Spago4Q 2.4 has been released! (Posted by: davidedc)
 08 Aug 12: SpagoBI 3.5.1 now available! (Posted by: bernabei)
 07 Aug 12: XWiki Enterprise 4.2 Milestone 2 Released (Posted by: mflorea)

>New Project

The Technology Council has accepted the following project in incubation:


online business process modeling and service composition tool following

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) specification.

>Community News

OW2 Programming Contest

Contestants are now busy working on their work for the 2012 Programming Contest. The deadline for work submission is September 12, and will be

followed by an evaluation by the Jury. More.

Open World Forum, Oct 11-12, Paris

OW2 is organizing this year again a Community Summit. Come and discuss "Open Source Software Communities in the Age of Cloud Computing" with renowned community leaders and practitioners on October 11th. More.

The CompatibleOne project

is organizing a full track dedicated to open cloud and open standards on October 12. The Call for Participation is still open, deadline:

September 10th. More.

COSW'12 (China Open Source Week) Oct. 15-20, Beijing, Nanjing

The China Open Source Week 2012 (COSW'12), October 15-20, will take place in Nanjing and Beijing, this year. Check out the webpage and

sponsorship opportunities. More.

Cloud & IT Expo, Oct 23-25, Paris

Visit us on booth F40 at Cloud & IT Expo,

for a unique preview of the CompatibleOne launch. This year, OW2 is a partner of the event and we negotiated a special offer for OW2 members

interesting in exhibiting there. More.

Cloud Expo 2012 West, Nov 5-8, Santa Clara

OW2 will launch CompatibleOne, The Open Source Cloud Broker, at Cloud Expo 2012.

Visit our booth, attend our session, and ask for the OW2 "VIP Gold Pass" that gives you full access to every session, every track, across

all four days of the conference. More.

OW2con'12, Nov. 27-29, Paris

We will soon launch the OW2con'12 Awards Contest, stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our sponsorship opportunities, the outlook of the program and visit the conference website.

Technical infrastructure 

We have installed the two new machines OW2 has acquired to showcase the CompatibleOne

open source cloud broker and to demonstrate interoperability between cloud projects on an heterogenous cloud computing platform. On-line

demos soon.
OW2 has installed its own instance of FOSSology.

The OW2 Management Office will resume the evaluation of all OW2 Mature

projects, and those Incubator projects who wish to have a FOSSology report.


CEBIT 2013, March 5-9, Hanover

We are evaluating the opportunity to organize an "OW2 Pavilion" at CEBIT, March 5-9, 2013. The CEBIT open source park is located in the heart of the open source area at the CeBIT and it is one of the largest business-oriented event for open source software in Europe. Please

contact us if you would be interested. See more about the CEBIT.

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