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Beihang University or BUAA for short was founded on October 25, 1952 Since its founding BUAA has been one of the key universities given priority for development. BUAA was officially listed in China's Action Plan for the Revitalization of Education in the 21st Century. At present, the university comprises 17 schools and 6 departments, covering such diverse fields as science, technology, liberal arts, law, economy, management, philosophy, foreign languages and education. BUAA has 42 research institutes or interdisciplinary research centers, 11 key disciplines of the national level, and 89 laboratories. BUAA has become one of the important bases for scientific and technological innovation and quality education in China.


Bull designs and develops servers and software for an open environment, integrating the most advanced technologies. The Group brings to its customers its expertise and know-how to help them in the transformation of their information systems and to optimize their IT infrastructure and their applications. Bull is a large contributor to Open Source Software in linux, middleware and security domains.


CVIC Software Engineering Co., Ltd.(CVIC SE), incorporated in April, 1991, is China's chief provider of solutions, software products and IT services. Over the last 18 years, CVIC SE has been working on China's information construction, business scope covers finance, transportation, government, energy and resources, publishing, public security military and so on, with its market expanding into Hongkong, Taiwan, North America, Europe Australia and Southeast Asia. CVIC SE takes the lead to establish the first Middleware Industry Alliance (MIA) in China, assigned as an Industrialization Base for the National 863 Program by the State Ministry of Science & Technology, granted the title of "Class A Model Enterprise Regarding Exportation of Software to Europe and America".


An open source development and promotion community founded by Heilongjiang Information Industry Bureau, Heilongjiang Science& Technology Bureau, Heilongjiang Software Industry Association, leading ISVs and Sis mainly from Heilongjiang province. Expertise in consulting, training publication and certification of E-Government.


Engineering Group ( is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6.600 people and 37 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on 200 researchers, that includes the Open Source and Business Intelligence Competence Center. It manages the free open source SpagoWorld Initiative (, based on four main projects: SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence platform; Spagic, the SOA/BPM Enterprise Integration platform; Spago4Q, the SpagoBI specialization for Quality of Software; Spago, the Java Enterprise Wide Framework.


INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is a French public-sector scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry.


Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a government-sponsored institution, is a leading research institute in China, which focuses on the fundamental theories of computer science as well as software technologies and their applications. ISCAS has about 602 staff members, including 4 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 54 research professors, 87 associate professors and senior engineers. Through the research results and innovations, we hope to establish an international reputation in academia and to assist in the development and growth of China's software industry.


National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) is a comprehensive national key university under the dual supervision of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education. Over 50 years later, NUDT has developed into a comprehensive university of sciences, engineering, military science, management, economics, philosophy, literature, education, law, and history. According to the National Subject Evaluation of the years 2002-2004 organized by the Ministry of Education, 5 subjects of NUDT entered the list of top 5 and its subject of Computer Science and Technology ranked first nationwide. NUDT treasures international collaboration and cooperation. With strong commitment to internationalization, the university has academic ties with over 100 universities and research institutes from 40 countries and regions.



Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university. The university has effectively combined research on important scientific subjects with the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill as demanded by the country's socialist modernization. It strives not only for improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the promotion of interaction and mutual promotion among various disciplines. Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of medicine, management, and education.



Corporate Members


French Assembler specialized in Business Intelligence and e-Commerce, we support our customers since 2004 in their Open Source Projects. Our role is to help organizations understand which are the best applications that meet their needs, to assemble them and make them work with their information system. We also transfer our knowledge to their team through trainings of various levels.

Charles university

Department of Software Engineering of Charles University is a research and teaching center dedicated to providing both undergraduate and graduate level education in close connection with research. Our major research groups work in the domains of distributed systems, formal methods, performance evaluation, and document information systems. The department works in close cooperation with other mathematical and computer science departments of Charles University to provide a strong theoretical background, and with major industrial partners to connect the research results to practical applications. Major software projects originating within the department include the NetBeans platform and the OW2 projects BEEN and SOFA.


EBM WebSourcing is a computing software company, developing light infrastructure solutions, for large-scale organizations. Complex and decentralized companies suffer from IT rigidity and silos. Changing the existing infrastructure, creating new applications, connecting to partners, or exposing services on the web, takes a long time, because of existing assets rigidity. EBM Websourcing gives a new breath to application silos. Solutions hosted on OW2, such as Petals ESB, create light connections between complex applications, using proven SOA and web concepts. It reuses the existing old legacy, and creates a light, flexible infrastructure.



eXoPlatform is a french innovative editor created in 2003 (100 employees), eXoPlatform provide a collaborative suite based on a entreprise portal. eXo Portal is a great implementation of a JSR-168 portlet container, and it is today also one of the first portal and portlet container supporting the new JSR-286 Java Portlet API. In addition to the Java Portlet API support, it is also possible to consume remote portlet using WSRP 1&2. eXo Portal is a great solution to implement and integrate an enterprise portal based on standards. In addition to portal standard, eXo is also providing a powerful ECM that is based on a Java Content Repostory (JCR/JSR-170) implementation (Document Management System, Web Content Management), calendar, mail, social networks and FAQ/Forum.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS in Berlin has been researching and developing communication and integration solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration in the fields of telecommunication, automotive engineering, eGovernment and software development for more than 20 years.


The French Minsitry of Interiors has two main missions

  • Safety and Security of People and Property (by mean of Police Force, National Gendarmerie and Firefighters Force
  • Permancy of State Presence on Territories (by means of Prefectures and Subprefectures)
The IT Direction is Strategic member of OW2 and is counting around 1500 people.


Ingres is the leading open source database management company. We are the world's second largest open source company and the pioneer of The New Economics of IT, providing open source solutions at dramatically reduced cost than proprietary software vendors. As a leader in The New Economics of IT, Ingres delivers low cost and accelerated innovation to its more than 10,000 customers worldwide.


Open Wide est cr��e fin 2001 avec le soutien de deux grands groupes industriels fran�ais, de hautes technologies et de services afin d'�valuer et de saisir les nouvelles opportunit�s industrielles offertes par le monde foisonnant des logiciels libres. Open Wide est par vocation une entreprise d'expertise technologique, dans le domaine des technologies Open Source et notamment autour de l'environnement LINUX.


Founded in 1999, Orbeon delivers and supports Orbeon Forms, an open source, standard-based web forms solution. Orbeon Forms includes Form Builder, a WYSIWYG browser-based authoring tool, and Form Runner, a runtime environment which facilitates the deployment and integration of large numbers of complex forms. Orbeon Forms implements technologies such as XForms and Ajax, with no need for client-side software or plugins. Visit:



ScalAgent DT is a middleware specialist, who provides software and expertise to integrate devices and services with the information system. ScalAgent DT has designed JORAM, a JMS compliant Message Oriented Middleware compliant distributed by OW2. ScalAgent DT provides professional services with JORAM, including a development and deployment training program, consulting for application and/or deployment architectures, specific developments extending or using JORAM, and professional support. ScalAgent DT also distributes a M2M framework, ScalAgent Mediation Suite, built on top of JORAM. It provides tools for configuring, deploying, monitoring and controlling a network of devices over Internet. It also processes the devices data, making them an actual part of the information system.


Serli is a french IT service company. Serli provides IT consulting, on-site service, training & technical expertise across diverse markets including financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. Serli engineers contribute to innovative Open Source projects in the field of customer's needs.



Talend is the recognised market leader in open source data integration. More than 500 paying customers around the globe, including Yahoo!, Virgin Mobile, Sony and Swiss Life, use the Talend Integration Suite of products and services to optimise the costs of data integration, ETL and data quality. With more than four million lifetime downloads and 900,000 core product downloads, Talend's solutions are the most widely used and deployed data integration solutions in the world. The company has major offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and a global network of technical and services partners. For more information, please visit

Telecom Institute

Institut Telecom's mission lies in higher education, research and innovation in the field of information and communication science and technology. It is a public administrative institution placed under the aegis of the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment.


Ubikis is providing a wide range of products and services enhancing the enterprise information system user's experience, inside and outside of the company network. Based on the open-source project Open Mobile IS, Ubikis technologies allow business applications development for nomad workers, on any kind of terminals (PDA, Smartphone, Desktop...) and on both connected and disconnected mode.


XWiki is a young innovative enterprise created in 2004 and was visionary in the use of wikis. XWiki provides XWiki Enterprise, the Open-Source Enterprise Wiki (whose feature set can be extended through numerous applications). It also offers a full range of professional services on top of its product line (training, development, hosing, support, consulting). These offerings are designed to help organize information simply and share it effectively. All the software created by XWiki is released under the LGPL Open-Source license. With thousands of enterprises using our products, XWiki is the leader of collaborative Open Source solutions for enterprises.

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