Legal Resources

Legal Resources


The OW2 Community is regulated by a number of legal documents and contracts. These are usually binding to all Members and Committers. They currently include:

Bylaws of the OW2 Consortium: they define the fundamental purpose, activities, organization, responsibilities, and obligations of the Board and membership.

Book of Procedures: this document is not available yet. It will probably be the result of various guidelines and charters we are currently developing. 

Membership Agreement: This is the contract which provides the evidence of the membership of a Member and defines, among others, the fee structure and level of fees and committment for each membership categories.

Intellectual Property Rights Policy: This document(IP Policy) sets forth the principles under which the Association manages intellectual property matters.

Legal Compliance Policy: this is a draft document to be fully validated by our legal counsel. This document provides guidelines to Members to comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules and regulations with respect to their participation in the Consortium's activities and meetings.

Logo and Trademark usage policy: The Logo and Trademark usage policy provides guidelines about how to properly usethe Consortium'sloga and trade mark so as to strengthen the OW2 brand.

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