The OW2 Community Cloud Testbed: ow2stack

What is ow2stack?

Ow2stack is the cloud testbed for the OW2 community projects. Ow2stack runs OpenStack Grizzly, we will open it gradually as we will be exploring the technical and governance challenges of running a testbed

How much resource do we have?

OW2 is running a small cloud infrastructure. We currently have roughly 30GB memory 30 cores and 30 public IP addresses to allocate.
We define "Resource Units" (RU) by saying 1GB 1core and 1 IP are 1 RU. We have therefore 30 RU to allocate.

Who has access to ow2stack?

All OW2 project can use ow2stack for test and demonstration purposes. In the initial phase five projects will be testing the waters for us during the first three months: CHOReOS, CompatibleOne, OpenCloudware

18 RUs wil be reserved for these projects. Of course, if they do not need so much resources, we can allocate less.

MO can reserve at least 3RU for test and technical usage (including doing experimentation with other openstack platforms).

For any other users, OW2 projects such as:
XLcloud, Proactive,
we have still 9RU to allocate. For each project request, we can allocate 3RU for one month for free trial. During a period of every two months, a given project can benefit at most only once free trial; otherwize the project should start paying for additional resources required from our hoster. 

For any resource request, the project leader should fill a form (Note: this form still to be created) by providing:
+ project name
+ contact person
- first name
- last name
- email address
- mobile number
+ resource request motivation and use case
+ technical expectations/constraints if any
+ resources reservation starting date (should be at least one week before
the request sending date)

Who should I contact?

For reactivity and backup reason, OW2 SysAdmin and CTO will both be in charge of replying and allocation resource for any resource request.

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