OW2 Infrastructure

Space plan proposal:


  • the main space grouping other infra related pages
  • should have a basic description of what infra is and provides links to other pages
  • Have a list of services offered by OW2
    We can imagine providing an URL so the people can see the service live, maybe a contact address. A description would be required and usage information (how to log in, ...).
  • Examples: Maven repository usage (legacy/nexus), Trackers set-up, ...
  • Maybe a list of the hardwares and which one is running what
  • An all-in-one page that explains what to do when something goes wrong (list, tracker and so on)
  • Maybe a page (a new blog ?) that relates what's going on ATM ?
  • Like planned outages, software installation, ...
  • A hall of fame for peoples involved in the infrastructure emoticon_smile

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