OW2 IT Infrastructure Overview

OW2 offers a number of services to OW2 projects.
You can click on each logo to find out about the current version we operate, and the instructions for using it.

 Description  Services (click on the logo)  linked user directory
The main entry point for developers is the Forge.
OW2 operates an instance of GForge.
Git instance on the OW2 infrastructure.logo-gitorious.pngOwn
Maven artifact management.logo-nexus.pngForge
SVN for source code hosting.logo-subversion.pngForge
WebSvn for http SVN accesslogo-websvn.pngN/A
Part of the Atlassian set of tools offered by OW2logo-bamboo.pngForge
Part of the Atlassian set of tools offered by OW2logo-fisheye.pngJIRA
Part of the Atlassian set of tools offered by OW2.
Alternative to the bug and feature tracker provided with the Forge.
Projects can develop their website using xWikilogo-xwiki.pngForge
Mailing list management systemlogo-sympa.pngOwn
Our instant messaging server (Jabber/XMPP)logoopenfire.gifForge
Sonar for code quality managementlogo-sonar.gifForge
FOSSology for code license managementlogo-fossology.gifOwn

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