Programming Contest 2013: Topics

OW2 Programming Contest 2013

Award Ceremony: October 2013

List of topics proposed to contestants

Contestants should choose among the following list of topics when they will become available, and then follow the instructions in the Registration page.

Note: the list of topics below is still under construction. Registration will open in April 2013.

  1. Add Load Test Case Design Support for Bench4Q (Bench4Q)
  2. API PHP for Bitcoin (Emerginov)
  3. Web Visualization of emerginov mobile micro-services (emerginov)
  4. PHP API on calendar / subscription/Notification (emerginov)
  5. Building an Autonomic MapReduce Framework with SCA (FraSCAti)
  6. Developing a JVisualVM Plugin for FraSCAti (FraSCAti)
  7. Web Service Recommendation Platform (CloudSNAP)
  8. Socialized TrustieForge (TrustieForge)
  9. HiveAdmin: Management Platform for Hive (HiveAdminOTC)
  10. Building online management and configuration services for commonly-used application servers for Service4All (Service4All)
  11. Adding Dynamic Reverse Proxy Support for Service4All (Service4All)
  12. Adding Distributed Cache Support for Service4All (Service4All)
  13. Building a Scalable Opensourced CRM with Service4All and SurgarCRM (Service4All)
  14. Efficient Urban Planning in Smart Cities using the CHOReOS Middleware (CHOReOS: Choreographies for the Future Internet)
  15. Mining API Usage Examples for Open Source Projects (TrustieForge )
  16. Automatic open source software resource collection and management (TrustieForge )
  17. Web Workflow Studio for ProActive Cloud (ProActive)
  18. Building Multi-paradigm Applications for a Smart City using the CHOReOS Middleware (CHOReOS: Choreographies for the Future Internet)
  19. a better sandbox for BtrPlace (Entropy)
  20. What-if simulation (SpagoBI)
  21. Data federation (SpagoBI)
  22. Big-data navigator (SpagoBI)
  23. JavaScript functional testing for DocDokuPLM (DocDokuPLM)
  24. Service Cloud (Petals ESB)
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Detailed list of topics

Under construction.