OW2 Programming Contest 2009

OW2 and Scilab are organizing a joint open source programming contest in 2009.

The Contest ceremony will be held in will be held in September 18-20, 2009, in Tianjiabing Building multifunctional conference centre of Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang, city of forest, the capital of Guizhou province, located amid the inland southeastern area, China Excellent City of Tourism.

Competition Purposes

The competition is sponsored for Chinese students and technicians to improve the ability to study and manage OW2 middleware, and it can also provide an opportunity and a stage to express your own talent in computer programming. What's more, it is a competition that exhibits the demeanor of college students in science and technology and enhance the intercommunication and cooperation of own college student with one another. The competition advocates the time spirit of "freedom, share and creation". This competition campaign is conducted by the technicians from France and China, and the main target of the competition is to improve the communication and cooperation between two countries.

Rules of Contest


Academic staff and students of university and research institute, engineers of industrial and business organizations, and all other professionals.


Participants should select a topic among the list of topics provided for the OW2 contest (coming soon). Once they have selected a topic, they should register at ow2contest2009@ow2.org.

Award Selection

The Award Selection process includes three stages:

  1. Shortlist of entries by an Expert Team.
  2. Peer-evaluation on the Internet, and.
  3. Final selection by French and Chinese Scientists.
In the first stage, 16 works will be shortlisted from all the received submissions. Peer-evaluation on the Internet will be made by all contestants. Finally, the French and Chinese Scientist Team will decide on the awards to be given, taking into consideration the results of the first and second stages.


  1. First prize: a maximum of one students and one academic advisor will be invited to visit the OW2 team for one week
  2. Second prize: up to FIVE awards will be given. (Each Award: Internship t.b.c.).
  3. Third prize: up to TEN awards will be given. (Each Award: RMB 500).

Programme committee


  • Deadline of registration : May. 1, 2009
  • Deadline of workshop submission : coming soon
  • Deadline of work submission : Aug. 25, 2009