Programmin Contest 2010: Topics

OW2 Programming Contest 2010

Award Ceremony: September 24-26, 2010
Ningxia University, Yinchuan city, Ningxia, China

List of topics

Contestants should choose among the following list of topics, and then follow the instruction in the Registration page.

Full list of topics

  1. An Hyperic MQ plugin for JORAM (JORAM)
  2. Move Dragon XML data to a JCR or an XML database (Dragon)
  3. CEP and SEP JBI component in PEtALS (PEtALS)
Title 1. "Internet of Things" usecases
OW2 Project JORAM?
Keywords Java EE, JMS, Monitoring, Management, Joram, Hyperic MQ
Description Hyperic HQ is a popular open source monitoring software designed to manage web applications and infrastructure. Hyperic defines a plugin framework as the basis for providing resource-specific functionality (monitoring and control features for each managed resource type are provided by a plugin). Hyperic is shipped with over 70 resource plugins, the goal of this project is to define a Joram plugin allowing the discovery of Joram's servers, monitoring and alert, as well as diagnostic.
Project contact person and e-mail Andre Freyssinet, ScalAgent D.T. TCO
Estimated workload 2 to 4 manmonths depending of the number and complexity of the mapping of Joram in Hyperic
Topic type master/PhD

Title 1. "Internet of Things" usecases
OW2 Project AspireRFID
Description - The AspireRFID project aims at developing and promoting an open-source, lightweight, standards-compliant, scalable, privacy-friendly, and integrated middleware to ease the development, the deployment and the management of RFID-based and sensors-based applications.
  • The AspireRFID project proposes to contestants to prototype one of
the usecases listed in
  • Usecases can be developed using RFID readers and sensors simulators
and/or using off-the-shelves RFID readers and sensors. A non-exhautive list is given here
Project contact person and e-mail * Stephane Ribas (
  • John Soldatos (
  • Didier Donsez (
Estimated workload 4 to 6 manmonths per usecase
Topic type PhD student